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Hive admin theme for Textpattern CMS


In the spirit of sharing (and cos’ we’re nice), we have decided to release our ‘Hive’ admin-side theme for the Textpattern CMS (v4.3.0 or greater) as a download. This is the same theme we use on all our commercial website builds, and on this very site.

This theme has been tested within a limited commercial setting with no reported problems (and we’ve tested internally with Chrome 10, Safari 5, Firefox 4, Opera 11 and Internet Explorer 9) but there may be a few bugs that slipped through the testing net, especially in older less capable browsers (AKA IE7 and IE8).

If you spot any glitches or have any suggestions on how we might improve the theme then please feel free to leave a comment and they will be investigated in due course (and hopefully fixed in a future release of the theme).

Download: Hive Admin Theme v1.2.3
Size: 39.09kB | Last modified: 24 June 2011 | Downloads: 714

notable features

  • Clean, simple yet functional design.
  • Semi-liquid layout adjusts to larger/thinner screen widths (down to 768px).
  • Monospaced font for all text input fields, since it’s much easier to spot typos/formating (sic!) errors in a monospaced font.
  • Minimal use of images – keeps the theme lightweight and fast.
  • An extra ‘custom.css’ CSS file where any styling specific to popular Textpattern plugins (that don’t follow the standard Textpattern layout structure) can be stored. This will be updated periodically with fixes for any popular plugins that currently look hideous in the theme, and can be fixed via CSS.
  • Also within the ‘custom.css’ file, there are commented out lines which can be used to easily hide any sections of the write/edit screen that are not used in a particular project. See this forum post for details on why that’s good.
  • Update v1.1: you can now choose between different colourschemes, simply amend the URL line 7 of ‘custom.css’ to point at one of the provided schemes.
  • Update v1.2: now fully compatible with iPad (and probably Android tablets too).

installation instructions

  1. Download the latest version of the theme from the link below.
  2. Unzip the archive.
  3. Upload the directory ‘hive’ into your Textpattern installation -> theme directory.
  4. Log in to your Textpattern admin area. Navigate to admin -> preferences -> advanced.
  5. Select ‘Hive’ from the ‘Admin-side theme’ dropdown list. Save the preferences.
  6. Log out and then log in again – you should now be using the Hive theme.

one last thing

In this theme, the 3 preview tabs on article write/article edit forms have been removed to save screen estate. They were arguable pretty useless anyway so they were dropped, we have never used them in all our time with Textpattern.

If you really do want to enable these tabs again then comment out the following line near the middle of the theme’s ‘textpattern.css’ file (you’ll have to add some custom styling to them though)…

#article-tabs {display: none;}

We hope you find the theme useful in your projects and continue to find success using the wonderful Textpattern CMS.

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