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Hello World: Welcome to our new HTML5 website


Our New Website

We have lovingly hand-crafted our shiny new Design Hive Ltd website, using some of the latest techniques available, including lots of HTML5 and CSS3 goodness – you’ll need to be using a modern browser for the best experience, though the site was designed to degrade nicely on outdated browsers (such as Internet Explorer 8 or older). The code was based on the excellent HTML5 Boilerplate by Paul Irish.

Particular care was taken to ensure our new site scored as highly as possible on Google’s Speed Tools suite, which is a collection of techniques aimed at improving the loading and rendering of web pages. This is an area often overlooked when designing a site, but since mid-2010 onwards Google has included the speed of a site amongst the many criteria it uses to rank your website (although content relevance is obviously still the most important factor in how your site will be ranked).

Design Hive Website On iPhone 4

The site scales down for smaller devices too, such as an iPhone, using CSS3 media queries, which avoids the need for a separate mobile site.

Over the next few months I’ll be sharing some of the code and discoveries I made during this design process, including some handy tips and tricks on page speed (which I became slightly obsessed with!).

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