The Weedol brand now has a unified aesthetic across all product lines.

Weedol product rebranding

We were approached by The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company to undertake a rebranding of their various weedkiller product ranges into a unified, all-encompassing Weedol brandname. Dating back as far as 1965, the Weedol brand is a trusted and popular name amongst UK gardeners and gardening retailers.

The weedkiller market in the UK is worth over £40 million, with a very competitive spectrum of products all fighting for shelf space. A market-leading product needs to stand out from the crowd, and also to not bewilder the customer as to what it does. The brand message needs to be clear and concise.

Working closely with The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company we designed a unified and closely-matched look for their family of weedkiller products in 2015 and beyond. Colour coding and descriptive product claims help distinguish each of the weedkillers from each other and from other brands, be they for lawn weeding, gravel path clearance, etc.

There are stringent legal and heath and safety rules that need to be obeyed for this type of product, so that all needs to be considered and properly display in part of the design process. All packaging is then reviewed by an independent body to ensure legal requirements are met.

Branding guidelines

New packaging is only half the story though – as part of the project, the client required us to create complete documentation of brand usage guidelines, to ensure the new design is cohesive across all promotional and packaging materials and between design agencies.

Colourways, strict font rules, logo display do’s/don’ts and label structuring diagrams lay a solid foundation for the rebrand to continue to look as good in the future as they day it was devised.

Display units

Clear and impactful in-store shelving complete the rebranding project. Manufactured in heavy duty cardboard substrate, these sturdy, brightly coloured display units promote the brand – leading to product awareness and increased customer sell-through. Retailers can quickly and easily move the product to optimal store positions throughout the season.

This was a great project to work on. Thank you to The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company for their agreement in sharing this information on our blog – we wish the brand continued success!

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